Song: REWIND” by GOT7
Composer: Command Freaks, Youngjae aka Ars, 주찬양
Lyricist: Youngjae aka Ars, 주찬양
Arranger: Command Freaks

KPN: How did you end up collaborating with Youngjae for this song?
CF: At the beginning of this year, JYP Entertainment and Iconic Sounds, my publisher, held a collaborative song camp for the purpose of this album. The GOT7 members were divided up and put into teams with other producers and songwriters.

KPN: How did you guys come up with the concept?
CF: Everything started with Youngjae. He wanted to write an R&B song, while still upholding the GOT7 image — melodic, yet performance friendly. His goal was to be able to showcase everything that GOT7 has to offer to their fans. It was ambitious, but I think we were all pretty happy with the final product.

KPN: How did you come up with the title?
CF: Again, that was Youngjae’s idea. He just really liked the word, “Rewind,” and suggested that we write the song around that title. We vetoed the idea at first, but as we started discussing potential lines for the lyrics, we started to see the potential.

KPN: What was the agreed upon premise of the story?
CF: It’s essentially Youngjae speaking to the girl that he loves and telling her that, even if he were to turn back time and start all over, he would choose her over anyone else. Once that idea was on the table, we started to see things in his light. It was just really cute (laughs).

KPN: What are the pros and cons of writing a song with an artist?
CF: The pro is that we can mold and customize the song to their style and liking a lot more quickly. If I have an idea, I can get direct feedback before spending half an hour on it. We’re just able to make decisions more quickly without sacrificing quality. On the other hand, if the artist is too opinionated, and those opinions aren’t aligned with those of the label’s, the song can turn out too far fetched and in the trash bin. Luckily, that wasn’t the case for us (laughs).

KPN: If you had to describe Youngjae in one word, what would it be? 
CF: Cute (laughs). There’s a large age gap between us, so his cuteness is magnified in my eyes, but even despite that, he has this innocence and purity to him. He’s like the neighborhood rugrat.

KPN: Do you have any plans to work with him again? 
CF: We already started working together on another song. I think he’s a great songwriter and we have great chemistry.

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