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잘자요 오늘도#얼굴이길어지는건기분탓 (Trans by OHMYGOY7Forum) Today as well, goodnight. #IFeelLikeMyFaceIsGettingLonger


Q: Introduce members with one word.
JB: Jackson is interesting. Mark is quiet. Because he’s wordless and always quiet with us. YugYeom is kind. BamBam takes charm seriously the most, because he is wonderful in his life. And Youngjae is wind. He’s free as wind and won’t be disturbed by surroundings. Junior is serious. I am greedy.

Q: What’s your maxim to yourself?
Junior: There are two sentences I like. One is by my favorite actor, “Take nothing away when you die.” And, my father said, “Only dream that has been broken can come true.” He said to me when GOT7 debuted. Even though I still lack enough experiences to use these words, I keep them in my heart!

Q: What is that you can’t live without?
BamBam: Music. Compared to singing, I prefer listening to music. I’ll listen to different types of songs according to the mood that day. If I want to be inspired, I’ll listen to hip-pop. When I’m down I will listen to music with low BPM. And if I feel lonely, I will listen to songs that its lyrics reflect loneliness. Music is necessary!
YugYeom: Music. I like hip-pop and R&B. I like <Liquor> by Chris Brown very much these days.

Q: Expectation in a lover
JB: Only look at me, only believe me, and that’s all. A lady who believes in me from the bottom of her heart, also that I can sometimes rely on. That type is very ideal. Is that too hard? (Laughs) But that’s really what I want.
BamBam: Frankly, a lady who is cold and unreachable to others. Though she’s a little cold, in front of me she will coquet as a lover. As for appearance, I like fox-like or cat-like lady. And whose eyes are light brown. But not wearing cosmetic contact lenses! (Laughs)

Q: What type will you be (if) when you are in love.
Mark: I want to be gentle to my girlfriend as much as possible. Actions speak louder than words. Because I’m not good at speaking, not talkative, I will show it through my actions. For example, I’ll send her home when we date.

Q: How to approach the one you like?
Jackson: First become close as a friend. If she is the one that deserves me to do many things for her, I will grab her when I’m successful and rich. That’s the best time for her. I won’t hesitate when I want and must do!
YugYeom: I’m the type that will say “I like you” soon. First I should deliver my feelings to her before we like each other. Before that I think I can’t invite her, “let’s go dating”.

Q: What’s your favorite fashion?
Jackson: Recently I really like leather shoes and I can wear leggings! I couldn’t wear them before. Because I fenced before, my thighs are too thick… my waistline is 29 inch but because of my thighs I have to wear 33 inch. I feel self-abased because of my thighs. And my same-age friends say “that’s too thick”, “feels a little sick”. So I don’t have much confidence. I know it’s a good thing with age. That looks manly and I gain some confidence. Now I can wear leggings. I feel happy to challenge.
Yugyeom: Simple white. I won’t use too many colors. For example, if I use pink and I will only use pink. My pants are almost black.

Q: What’s your favorite food?
Mark: Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen. When we went to 2PM’s concert in Fukuoka, I ate ramen at the backstage. And that was delicious! As for Korean food I like chicken.
BamBam: I like Ichiran Ramen. I ate it just two days ago! Compared to Tonkotsu Ramen I prefer Ichiran Ramen. Beside the counter, a seat matches a waterer. It’s great.

Q: What Japanese do you like?
Junior: “This program is supported by these sponsors below.” There’s no CM in Korean programs, at first hearth, I feel new! And will imitate it unconsciously.

Q: The place you like.
Youngjae: My house in Korea. Especially my brother’s room. There is a computer and a piano, so I feel good. I’ve got a brother and a sister who are much older than me. And my parents bought the house without thinking of my birth. So the house is not big enough. I always use the room with my brother. I, my brother and my sister were sleeping together in my brother’s room before I was 11. (Laughs) because of that, I like my brother’s room the most. As for Japan, Nagoya. Very nice!

Q: Pet phrase spoken unconsciously.
YoungJae: I often speak dialect when I’m excited. I was born in Jeollanam-do, so I speak in a different tone. I will speak it unconsciously with my parents and friends.
Jackson: “です”(desu) in Japanese. I will add desu to whatever I say in Japanese.

Q: What actions do you do unconsciously?
JB: My jaw often pulls forward a little. (Laughs) I have the habit of using power to my jaw. I want to change it. However, when I want to talk, I will do it quickly. Even if don’t open my mouth, only talking my jaw will pull forward. I really want to change it if I can.
Junior: I often shake my shoulders unconsciously when I listen to music. That seems like not a good habit. Only shoulders will often shake badly. (Laughs) These days I notice this habit!

Q: Other member’s habit that only you know
JB: BamBam often shakes his head because his shoulders hurt. (Laugh) Jackson sometimes does unidentified facial expressions. Though it’s cool, even so, it doesn’t look like trying to be cool. Everyone can pay attention to it!

Q: The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning.
Yugyeom: open my eyes and turn off the alarm clock. I wake up soon, I’m always the first one to get up. YoungJae and Junior are late!

Q: What are you careful with when you sleep?
YoungJae: I wear down overcoat called “padding” when I sleep in winter. Because feathers go to my feet when I use quilt. I take padding overcoat instead of quilt in winter. And I sleep with a scarf around my neck.

Q: Everyday nurse
Mark: like brushing my teeth?! I like minty toothpaste. “So peppery!!” Unbearable super peppermint!

Q: What kind of student were you?
BamBam: I’m still a high school student! Now I learn by myself and back to Thailand to participate in exams. I also study as hard as everyone!
Junior: I was a monitor when I was in second and third grade in high school. Because I liked dancing, although I was a monitor, I wasn’t that kind of student who obeys teachers. (Laughs) However I was polite to the teachers who I liked or who treated me well.

Q: Memories of student hood.
YoungJae: School trips. I went on a school trip on sixth grade of primary school and I joined sports when I was on second of grade middle school. I also went on after-graduation trip. Those all impressed me. The teacher said “hurry fall asleep” but everyone still talked into late night and threw the pillows for fun!
YugYeom: School trips and the school day. I traveled to Jeju-do as a school trip.

Q: Suggestions to yourself as a student.
Jackson: Sleep and eat a lot more to grow taller! It’d be better if I was taller. (Laughs) And don’t do too much sport. You guys who see me will think that my legs are short. That’s because I’m too muscular! And my bones can’t grow anymore. That’s all I gain by working hard, please don’t ignore it! (Laughs)

Q: What will you be like in ten years?
Junior: If it’s 20 or 30 years I can imagine it, 10 years is more difficult. Although I don’t know whether I will be doing things I like or not, or other things. But I must be trying new things.
JB: I want to lie in the sofa while watching TV. (Laughs) Besides that, I still can’t imagine. What will I do…!? Maybe work hard, maybe write songs.

Q: What do you want to do in 2016?
Mark: GOT7 concerts. Want to have Asia tours! As for myself I want to travel. Italy or Paris, I wanna go to Europe.

Scans by: Sa_got7_E
Japanese-Chinese translation by: 莔w,百度林在范吧
Chinese-English translation by: skylor

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